Consuming locally. Let’s support our restaurants.

This summer’s sun matches with Œil de Perdrix, a summer delicacy to be enjoyed in our local restaurants and bars.

When you work for Neuchâtel Vins et Terroir, you’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas and projects to showcase the region’s products and people.

What’s more, as epicureans like you, we know that nothing complements a good meal better than a good glass of wine.

It was natural for us to share our message through our restaurant owners while remaining loyal to our values: eating locally, promoting our regional products, and supporting our partners.

So this year, among other things, we decided to give a helping hand to restaurant owners who wanted to order their Œil de Perdrix wine directly from our region’s winemakers.

By accepting this “short circuit”, restaurant owners receive a voucher from us, to be used on their next order of Œil, from the same wine merchants.

Supporting our partners, facilitating contact and communication, bringing together local players, promoting the terroir, while creating a convivial atmosphere – that is our motivation.

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