In its quest for authenticity and quality, the vineyards of Neuchâtel concentrate on grape varieties with character. Currently, 12 grape varieties bear the Neuchâtel appellation d’origine contrôlée. Three wines reflect the character traits of the people of Neuchâtel: the Non Filtré for its liveliness, the Œil de Perdrix for its freshness and the Pinot Noir for its authenticity.

Despite its small surface area, the vineyards of Neuchâtel have made a name for themselves at various Swiss and international competitions. In Neuchâtel, each year the cantonal wine selection showcases the day-to-day work of the winegrowers and elects the Neuchâtel wine ambassador for the year.
Discover the award-winning wines

Non Filtré

The first wine of the year

neuchatel wine non filtré

For the amateur, as well as for the specialist, the Neuchâtel Non Filtré is characterised first of all by its freshness and silky roundness, as an embassador of spring.

Œil de Perdrix

The iconic and the original

neuchatel wine oeil de perdrix

Made from Pinot Noir the Œil de Perdrix evolves in Neuchâtel in its place of origin. The winegrowers are proud of their “Oeil”, whose first traces of origin date back to the 19th century.

Pinot Noir

The must-have

neuchatel wine pinot noir

Pinot Noir has been established in the Neuchâtel region for over a thousand years and is native to this region and to the north-eastern part of France, between Burgundy and Alsace.

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