Wine tasting and cellar tour

Open cellars in Neuchâtel

Wine lovers, connoisseurs and neophytes alike, our open cellar concept is designed to let you enjoy a range of original, gourmet wine escapades on May 12 and 13. Cellar tours of our winery not only familiarize you with the emblematic place where our precious vintages rest, but also with the talents that give Neuchâtel wines their unmistakable character. Every year, Neuchâtel’s wineries produce several million bottles. Our canton is not a top wine tourism destination, but our wineries are well worth a visit.

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Cellar tours to familiarize you with the region’s wines

The tradition of winegrowing in the canton of Neuchâtel is a reflection of the men and women who, over the years, have perpetuated the know-how of their ancestors. In every winegrowing estate, manufacturing processes and winemaking techniques are handed down from generation to generation, oscillating between the character of an old-fashioned oak barrel and modern means. While the harvest is an essential time of year in the production of grands crus, the expertise of winegrowers in turning simple grapes into exceptional wines is measured over several years.

Visits to our wine cellars are a gateway to the fertile lands of the Neuchâtel wine region. While nearly 60% of the vineyard is planted with red grape varieties, notably Pinot Noir, white grape varieties also occupy a fair share of the vineyard’s surface area, extending the range of possible blends that go to make up the great wines that are so sought-after at the finest tables. And when it comes to fine wines, our terroir has no shortage of vintages for you to sample during our cellar tours. Firstly, there’s the Pinot noir d’Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC), which requires sustainable viticulture. Year after year, it has earned a place in the most reputed wine guides. Œil-de-Perdrix, a rosé wine of character made from the Pinot Noir grape variety, lightly vatted and proudly promoted by our winemakers, is also a true emblem. And don’t forget Neuchâtel Non Filtré, a fresh, floral, subtle white. All these wines, preserved in the best cellars, have made the reputation of our winery, which is exported beyond the canton’s borders.

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A true oenological voyage of discovery at our Open Cellars

Exploring Neuchâtel’s winegrowing heritage is a colorful adventure, and not just about discovering the treasures of French-speaking Switzerland’s terroir. More than just a list of wine events, our cellar visit calendar is a benchmark in wine tourism, providing an overview of all the open days and events dedicated to wine. Discovering the vineyards and wineries promises an enriching excursion and a decidedly evasive experience.

Organized by experienced winemakers and encaveurs, these cellar tours are a golden opportunity to immerse yourself in a fascinating, sometimes even mysterious world, following in the footsteps of the vineyards and vines without which the landscape would be less striking. More than just an escapade on the wine trail, these private cellars will be happy to reveal a few of their trade secrets – but certainly not all of them!

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Cellar visit

Spread over almost 600 hectares, the vineyards of the Pays de Neuchâtel draw from their fertile soils all the nutrients needed to grow the different grape varieties that are the pride of our region. On the wine trail, within the walls of each winery, there’s a know-how, a winemaking technique and a story that a passionate winegrower or winemaker will be happy to share with you during a visit to his or her cellar.

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Cellar tours: an original experience accessible to all

Visiting a winery isn’t just for oenophiles. Whether you’re a neophyte or simply curious, this discovery will lead you in the footsteps of a terroir handed down from generation to generation by committed winegrowers. These underground viticultural tunnels, imbued with the charm of yesteryear, are also an opportunity to discover that behind each winery, a whole range of processes come together to produce exceptional vintages. Great wines that line the counters of wine bars, wine cellars and sommeliers’ storerooms, to the delight of wine lovers and connoisseurs alike.

While Œil de Perdrix is an emblematic wine, a visit to our cellars will also be the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with the production of Neuchâtel Non Filtré, which is unsettlingly fresh, or our unmissable Pinot Noir, wines that are characteristic and highly prized. Each Neuchâtel wine is created by experienced oenologists and could not exist without the know-how of the vine-growers, winemakers and cellarmen.

During your visit to the winery, you’ll have plenty of time to learn about the different stages in the wine-making process, from harvest to bottling, and above all to discover that today’s crushing techniques are not the same as those of yesteryear!

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Discover the cellars of Neuchâtel

The Neuchâtel region is home to some 50 wineries that keep the wine tradition alive. The majority of our crus are Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) wines, which have forged a certain reputation over the years. Each cellar visit is much more than a brief retrospective of the stages involved in transforming grapes into wine, it’s also anecdotes about the men and women involved in vine-growing and sustainable viticulture.

Visiting the cellars of our terroirs cannot be considered in addition to discovering the vineyards and the range of wines produced by the estate. More than just a moment of conviviality, the commented tasting will satisfy palates that are only too eager to sample Neuchâtel’s oenological treasures.

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Wine tasting

Discover the terroir of Neuchâtel More than just an opportunity to share wine tasting experiences, these events give you the chance to familiarize yourself with a whole ritual that makes wine a noble and essential beverage that enhances the quality of the region’s various dishes. For gourmets, wine lovers or those looking for an original sensory experience, taking part in a wine tasting allows you to surprise your taste buds by sampling the great wines and crus that are the pride of the Neuchâtel region.

Wine tasting, more than just a bacchanalian escapade

Understanding wine is an art in itself, and requires a complete sensory analysis. During a commented wine tasting, you’ll start with a visual analysis to examine the wine’s color from every angle. While all Neuchâtel wines are the fruit of centuries of expertise, they are not all of the same clarity, brilliance, color or intensity. Experience is the only way to identify the grape varieties they contain.

There’s more to wine tasting than meets the eye. It’s a colorful, enriching sensory experience that follows on from the olfactory analysis, divided into two phases known as “the first and second noses”. During this stage, you’ll have plenty of time to expand your oenological vocabulary. Although a rather difficult exercise, especially for neophytes, olfactory examination enables you to grasp the different aromas in the wine, while at the same time gaining an initial insight into aromas whose content is not unrelated to the wine’s maturation methods chosen by the winemaker. Aging in vats or oak barrels not only adds character to a vintage, it is also the secret to the rich, complex aromas for which the Neuchâtel terroir is renowned.

Finally, and surely the most appreciated stage, comes the gustatory analysis with the attack, the mid-palate and the finish, which allow us to gauge the length of a wine’s finish. During this ultimate wine discovery, you’ll be able to appreciate the full extent of our wineries’ production. Whether you’re tasting red, rosé or white wines, with friends or family, Neuchâtel’s winemakers have plenty to surprise you with their cuvées.

On the trail of the region’s wine heritage

A wine tasting will also immerse you in the discovery of the winemaking process that makes each varietal blend a unique cuvée. Each tasting venue is unique, and the winegrowers and cellarmen of the Neuchâtel vineyards have no shortage of imagination. Through their know-how, experience and willingness to share, they’ll help you discover unfiltered Neuchâtel, Œilde-Perdrix, Pinot Noir and other essential vintages from our wine-growing region. At gourmet tasting cruises, winegrowers’ shows and fairs, winery open days and other events dedicated to local produce, wine lovers and connoisseurs alike can learn the art of wine tasting in a friendly, resolutely festive atmosphere.

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